Chandler Smith – No. 18 Safelite Tundra TRD Professional Tenting World Vehicles Mid-Ohio Preview


You finished fifth on both road courses this season. How do you contribute to your success?

“I’m by no means a road racer so it must just be a lack of experience in the past few races. Now that I’ve got laps under my belt, I’m getting better and better at it, and I’ve tried a lot harder to master my craft on the street courses. I sure have a long way to go, but now that we’ve gotten a couple of top five finishes, hopefully we can continue to improve and work to get the Safelite Tundra TRD Pro on the road to winning ways this weekend in Mid-Ohio bring.”

They recently competed in a TA2 race in Mid-Ohio. How helpful will that be in preparing you to race a truck there?

“Driving the TA2 race in Mid-Ohio definitely helped a lot because I know how much grip the track actually has. I’ve been there myself, so all I had to do before this race was exit the TRD simulator. Now I actually have laps there in real life and that will be a huge help as hopefully I’ll be able to get up to speed faster in practice and help Danny (stockman, crew chief) and the boys develop our Safelite Tundra TRD Pro select qualifying and race.”

How cool will it be to have over 200 Safelite guests at the track cheering for you this weekend?

“It’s always cool to see the Safelite having a good time on the track. I saw a lot of staff last year who were back this year and a lot of them coming to the track for the first time. Having over 200 people supporting me in their Safelite colors this week is going to be really cool. I can’t wait to see them all and hopefully we put on a good show for them.”