Cheryl Joyner named parks and recreation director of Panama Metropolis Seaside


PANAMA CITY BEACH – A new but familiar face will now be overseeing the beach’s outdoor activities.

On Thursday morning, Cheryl Joyner officially took up her new position as Panama City Beach’s Parks and Recreation Director, securing the job with around 16 years of experience working for the city.

“I’ve lived here my whole life,” Joyner said. “This is my home, my community…and I simply want to provide the best recreational opportunities for our community and our visitors.”

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With her new position, Joyner will earn an annual salary of approximately $100,000, which is approximately $30,000 more than in her previous position as Assistant Parks and Recreation Director.

Joyner, who noted that she was only making about $8 an hour early in her career with the city, has been working as the department’s interim director since June.

Some park and recreation changes Joyner said they’re most looking forward to are moving performances of the PCB Summer Concert Series from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights, modernizing the Frank Brown Park Aquatic Center and potentially starting movie nights at Aaron Bessant Park.

“I’m just really interested in a lot of community involvement,” she said. “The city has a lot of exciting things ahead of it.”

There are numerous parks in Panama City Beach that Joyner will oversee directly, the largest being Frank Brown Park.

According to the city’s website, Frank Brown has nine softball and baseball fields, a t-ball field, soccer fields, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, shuffleboard courts, a gymnasium, classroom, playgrounds, and gazebos.

There’s also a freshwater fishing pond for teens, fenced-in dog parks, an aquatic center, 22-acre festival grounds, and about 1.5 miles of hiking trails.

A dozen sporting events are already planned at the park for the remainder of 2022. These are:

  • World Series League Softball Tournament September 8-11.
  • World Series League Softball Tournament September 15-28.
  • World Series League Softball Tournament September 23-25.
  • United States Fastpitch Association Softball Tournament September 24-25.
  • United States Specialty Sports Association Softball Tournament October 8-9.
  • Travel Ball USA Baseball Tournament October 15-16.
  • Softball Players Association Tournament October 29-30.
  • Super Draft Tournament November 3-6.
  • World Sports League Softball Tournament November 11-13.
  • United States Fastpitch Association Softball Tournament November 19-20.
  • United States Fastpitch Association Softball Tournament December 17-18.
  • Game Day USA Softball Tournament December 26-29.

“Parks and recreation are vital,” Joyner said. “It is important for the community to have (safe places) for active recreation. … It is a valuable force for our children and also for our adults, seniors and visitors.”