Chico proclaims anti-camping enforcement set to renew – Oroville Mercury-Register


CHICO — The city of Chico announced Thursday afternoon that it will resume enforcing anti-camping ordinances beginning Thursday, October 13.

The city also said these initial efforts will focus on Humboldt Park in the so-called Windchime area.

According to the city, its outreach and engagement staff will continue to process “reasonable accommodation” requests but will not have to follow any procedures that could significantly delay this enforcement operation.

Those teams will begin using property abandonment forms, which will be modified to let homeless people know they can ask the city to temporarily store property they can’t bring to a shelter, the city said.

But the city said it has no obligation to store property that poses a health or safety risk, that is infested, evidence of a crime or smuggling, or that is junk. The city also said it could not dispose of reclaimed property in a timely manner.

“We look forward to resuming efforts to remove the tons of trash, debris and hazardous materials from city parks, green spaces and waterways,” Chico City manager Mark Sorensen said in a statement. “By allowing enforcement to resume, residents will appreciate a reduction in the neighborhood disturbances they experience.”

Erik Gustafson, Chico’s director of public works, added that his department is ready to resume enforcement and restore Chico’s public spaces to the state desired by the community.

“It’s important not only to restore our public spaces, but also to bring people affected by homelessness into a better life situation,” Gustafson said.