‘Child Steps’: Caroline Ciavaldini Offers a Roadmap for Climbing By Motherhood


By JilliCluff

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The La Sportiva athlete is no stranger to trailblazing trails. Can she find a dual identity as a parent and a climber?

As a climber, Caroline Ciavaldini has pushed boundaries in a variety of styles, from lead competitions to exhilarating trad ascentsand broke hard with archaic notions of what women are capable of in sport.

Now, as a mother to two wild tots, Ciavaldini is on a mission to debunk the notion that motherhood comes at the expense of one’s identity as a climber.

“Society says to forget yourself and just be a mother. Yes, I’m a mom, but I’m also a climber. I wouldn’t be Caroline without one of them,” she says in The North Face’s new movie, in which she stars.

She intends the short documentary Baby Steps to be a roadmap for other adventurous parents out there.

Refreshing, Ciavaldini and her husband, James Pearson, do not sugarcoat the pitfalls. And maybe that’s what makes the film so poignant and understandable. For the well-travelled couple, their connection to climbing isn’t unique to parenthood — it’s remarkably important, second only to their family’s integrity.

Duration: 18 minutes

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