Chilly however Climbing – Boston Information, Climate, Sports activities


The cold was real yesterday. Not even counting the wind chill, the air temperature alone was record-breaking or across the area. Boston’s high of 33° was the coldest high for a March 28th since 1893! Worcester set a brand new record with the high reaching just 27 degrees yesterday! Brrr!!

Another cold start this morning but we will be climbing this afternoon unlike yesterday afternoon. Wind chills this morning are in the single digits with wind gusting up to 30mph this morning and throughout the afternoon, same as yesterday. Air temperatures will rise to almost 40 degrees today but with this wind it will feel like the upper 20s and close to 30 degrees. At least we have sunshine all day to help us.

Tomorrow we will continue our temperature rise and return to the average. Temperatures are usually around 50C as we round off March and that’s where we’ll be. We won’t have as much sun as clouds increase throughout the day ahead of some point showers Wednesday evening. It’s not even close to a washout, but a few passing showers are possible around dinnertime.

The better chance of rain comes Thursday evening and lasts through Friday morning.

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