China virus circumstances climbing – jap province of Anhui the most recent centre


Two counties were already under lockdown in Anhui province. The following information via Bloomberg:

  • Over the weekend, 287 cases were reported for Sunday
  • A lockdown was imposed in Lingbi County, northeast Anhui, from Friday afternoon, while neighboring Si County conducted its sixth mass testing on Sunday.
  • Shanghai’s neighboring province of Jiangsu reported 59 cases on Saturday, while the city of Wuxi recorded 35 infections on Sunday.
  • Shanghai reported three local cases on Sunday.

A new round of testing has also started in Macau.

Does anyone need to be reminded that China’s “zero” policy (or whatever they call it now… has “pro-business stay-at-home!” legs?) comes at a heavy economic cost (Of course, health officials in China are more concerned with keeping people free of the virus, fearing it will overwhelm the healthcare system. The home-made vaccines don’t seem up to the task).

Anhui Province (arrow on it).