Chino Capping Is Climbing “Ladders”


Chino Cappin is slowly exploding. The Georgia representative mixes vocals with rap to strike a balance between melodic trap music. He lets his vocals bless the track with minimal auto-tune, which is refreshing to hear in 2021. With his latest project Ladders, Chino Cappin blesses the fans with one of the best projects of the summer. Ladders runs for 10 tracks, which is too short in our opinion. Chino really shines on these tracks.

Ladders features appearances from Metro Mars and Enchanting. The limited functions make sense in such a short project and give Chino Cappin the opportunity to really show off its power as a solo artist. Tracks like “Shine” and “Love You Better” have been very popular with us and are included in our playlists. Check out Chino Cappin ladders streaming everywhere now.


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