Choose Mathis’ Son Was Offended His Boyfriend Needed to Cook dinner Whereas the Household Loved a Tenting Journey


Judge Mathis and his family decided to go camping. Their journey was captured on the TV show Mathis Family Matters Season 1 Episode 5.

During the trip, Greg Jr. was angry because his friend was asked to cook for the family while they were having fun camping. Here’s what happened last time on the reality show.

Judge Mathis’ daughter was planning a family camping trip

Greg Mathis Jr. and Elliott Cooper from Mathis Family Matters | Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Mathis’ daughter, Camara, decided to plan an overnight camping trip for the family. She thought it would be fun to get everyone together and spend time together.

Camara says her family is used to five-star vacations and traveling on private planes, so she thought it would be a nice change. She wants to get everyone out of their comfort zone and encourage them to experience something new.

Mathis didn’t want to go camping at first, but his daughter persuaded him to do so. At the end of the camping trip, he said spending the night in the RV wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

A complaint from his youngest son, Amir, was that his girlfriend Sally was not invited. Hopefully things will be okay between Sally and Mathis after he asks her if she’s into crack.

Greg Jr. was angry that his friend had to cook for the family

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<p>When the family arrived at the campsite, Camara gave everyone a task.  She divided her duties into cleaning, security, babysitting, cooking and entertaining.  Greg Jr. says Camara is the “mini version” of her mother and she keeps everything in order.</p>
<p>Greg’s friend Elliott had the task of cooking.  It was a large group, so it took him a long time to cook dinner (which is exactly why The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond prefers to cook simple meals).</p>
<p>“Here everyone can sit and have fun and he has to cook for us?” says Greg angrily.  “Are you kidding me?”</p>
<p>Greg wanted Elliott to be included in the celebrations.  He didn’t think it was fair that Elliott was traveling alone and serving everyone else.  However, everything was fine after Elliott and Greg spoke.  Elliott said he doesn’t mind being alone and made sure to set aside a plate of food and a drink.</p>
<p>“It’s kind of hell,” Elliott said.  “But I won’t lie.  It was like being on my own little island without any of you chattering around.  So it was kind of peaceful—especially with the tequila.”</p>
<h2 id=Elliott and Greg’s relationship takes a serious step

Greg is ready to announce to the world that he’s gay. His desire is to become an LGBTQ advocate. However, Elliott isn’t sure if he’s ready to take that step. Greg worries that coming out could put a strain on his relationship with Elliott. Once Greg comes out, people will be curious as to who he’s dating. This will likely force Elliott to share his truth. He’s still trying to figure out how to balance work and personal life.

Elliott says he hasn’t quite come out yet. However, he has come out to his father. He says after revealing his sexuality to his father, he told him he needed time to process the information.

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