Climbing partitions, interactive soccer court docket coming to Des Moines park


DES MOINES – Many people may not recognize Cohen Park, but that may change once construction on the new Des Moines Parks and Recreation facilities is completed as planned.

The city also plans to add two 12-foot boulders for people to climb and an interactive sports field with a Sutu Wall, an interactive wall with panels that light up when hit by a soccer ball.

Des Moines Parks and Recreation has been adding new amenities to the parks recently, and when there’s an open park with no development at all, they can really think outside the box.

“We have a really resourceful group here at Des Moines Parks and Recreation, and our planners are responsible for a lot of these really cool features that we add,” said Jen Fletcher of Des Moines Parks and Recreation. “So I can’t imagine this would slow her down or limit her vision anytime soon.”

The new features at Cohen Park are expected to be completed and open to the public over the next year.

To learn more about Cohen Park’s amenities, visit the city’s website.

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