CMP donates $50,000 to Operation Reboot Open air

CMP donates $50,000 to Operation Reboot Outdoors

Central Maine Power is proud to announce a $50,000 donation to Operation Reboot Outdoors. Operation Reboot Outdoors volunteers who serve veterans are also veterans and registered Maine guides who provide healing, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities.

“Operation Reboot Outdoors provides a safe environment for veterans who are finding that a chance to reconnect with nature brings so many health and mental health benefits,” said Joe Purington, President and CEO of CMP. “CMP is proud to support this unique service that is bringing more people closer to outdoor recreation in Maine’s woods and waters.”

Part of the donation will be used to power the group’s camp in the city of Byron while also making it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“We have a lot of people at camp who need ventilators or chargers for their prosthetics, and we want to be able to help everyone we can,” said Nathan Williams, Operation Reboot Outdoors board treasurer. “Our partnerships are extremely important to us and without CMP we couldn’t get the energy we need here.”

“At CMP, we have a tradition of supporting veterans organizations as well as veterans in the workplace through a corporate resource group,” said Purington.

Every day in the United States, 22 veterans and active duty personnel commit suicide. The services Operation Reboot provides are critical to their mental health. For more information, visit the website at