Coin-op amusements information | Millennials now the important thing group for climbing


Today’s climbing fans are now the millennials, says climbing walls specialist Walltopia.

The company has identified the age group as now the biggest in modern society, out-numbering the baby boomers.

Spending quality time with their children is the most critical thing parents can do to ensure their healthy emotional development and growth, said the company, and time spent together means opportunities for parents to teach, children to learn and the whole family to strengthen its relationship.

It is a fundamental for Walltopia, now one of the world leaders in climbing and active entertainment. “We are introducing new ideas for kids climbing zones for climbing gyms,” the company said.

“These ideas will bring more young adults to the venue since they will combine it with quality parenting time. Climbing is a brilliant way to have all family members spend more time together in a healthy activity that simultaneously develops their bodies, minds and social life. ”

Walltopia has now equipped hundreds of climbing installations since 2010 and constantly introduces product developments and new concepts.

Recent installations include the Climb Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, the largest in Eastern Europe, part of the Walltopia Climbing Center, but the academy is designed with children in mind.

Another recent completion was the High Point chain of venues with six US locations in Tennessee and Alabama. They all have a kids’ zone with fun walls and custom climbing walls.

There is also the Soul Climb in Spain, where the Indoorwall climbing gyms chain has added kids’ climbing zones. Also the Totem Escalade Meyrin in Switzerland, where the climbing walls are part of a quest to complete a giant puzzle.