Collect ‘around the campfire: Danish tenting heading for one more file in 2022


In 2021, more Danes headed to campsites across the country than ever before. 2022 is on track to eclipse last year and camping is set to experience another record year.

The Dansk Camping Union (DCU), a private interest organisation, says holiday weekend occupancy rates have topped last year’s numbers and July bookings for its 20 campsites are up 28 per cent.

Driven outside by the pandemic
Anne-Vibeke Isaksen, the head of the DCU, said the COVID-19 pandemic likely triggered the first surge in Danish camping two summers ago. Since then, people have found other reasons to spend their nights under the stars.

“The Danes have really taken up camping and have found that it’s a form of holiday that’s good for us, but it’s also practical because we have lots of camping opportunities right outside the door,” says Isaksen.

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Visitors and impact of inflation
This year, Isaksen said an increase in foreign visitors is also contributing to this year’s record numbers due to the easing of travel restrictions.

In addition, Isaksen attributed inflation and rising fuel prices to the trend, noting that many more people are opting for an affordable camping holiday at home than an expensive trip abroad.

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