College Honors Champion of Wyoming’s Out of doors Recreation


Wyoming is home to some of America’s most breathtaking scenery, from the snow-capped Tetons to the canyons of Flaming Gorge. Hundreds of thousands of people visit our state’s natural treasures, and many choose to explore the rugged beauty of the Wind River Mountains near Riverton. Many of the tourists who visit Riverton come with the same book: Climbing and hiking in the Wind River Mountains by Joe Kelsey.

Photo credit: Falcon Guides

Photo credit: Falcon Guides

Kelsey’s name has become synonymous with outdoor recreation in Wyoming. His book has sold thousands of copies since it was published in 1994, and new information and hiking trails in the Wind River Mountains are published regularly. In addition, he has written for other publications about Wyoming’s pristine splendor and published a second book, titled A place to look: Summers in the Wind Rivers. Kelsey’s work and career has been featured in Brave New World Magazine and Backpacker Magazine (aged no less than 75) to name a few.

To say the least, Kelsey’s work has given a remarkable amount of attention to some of Wyoming’s lesser-known regional beauties. In recognition of his work in promoting Wyoming’s reputation around the world, the University of Wyoming has announced that it will honor Kelsey with its highest honor; an honorary doctorate.

The university described Kelsey as an “ambassador” for the state in a recent press release, noting that Kelsey’s book “has made a significant contribution to the lives of the people of Wyoming” by introducing people around the world to our beautiful state and increased tourism.

The awards ceremony coincides with the college’s opening ceremony on May 14. Kelsey is also scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the graduation ceremony at 8:30 a.m. in the Arena Auditorium.

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