College of Denver Launches Management in Outside Recreation Business Program


The partnership with the VF Foundation will help redefine the talent pipeline for the US outdoor industry

DENVER, October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The University of Denver (DU) is working with the VF Foundation to develop the Leadership in Outdoor Recreation Industry (LORI) program. This interdisciplinary program includes coursework from three academic units of DU: Daniels College of Business, Storm College of the law and Josef-Korbel-School of international studies. A key goal of the program is to increase the diversity of the talent pipeline for the outdoor industry.

The University of Denver and the VF Foundation are collaborating to expand the talent pipeline for the US outdoor industry.

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The University of Denver and the VF Foundation work together to create leadership in the outdoor recreation industry.

This program is made possible by the generous support of the VF Foundation, which more than gives 3 million dollars over three years. The grant represents the largest single contribution from the VF Foundation.

Denver is a major hub for the outdoor industry, making DU the perfect home for such a program. Through the Foundation’s targeted scholarship support for the underrepresented, combined with DU’s extensive offering of business and industry relevant courses, we hope to spark the next generation of diverse leaders in the outdoor industry,” he says Steve Rendel, Chairman, President & CEO of VF Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the VF Foundation. “This distinctive learning experience will attract both emerging and established leaders, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with DU on this important endeavor as we continue to expand our I&D work beyond the VF walls.”

There is an increasing demand for customized personal development and professional training to meet the needs of a fast-growing industry and the growing challenges of the wilderness areas of the United States

“We create specialized, accessible programs that prepare students for the jobs available in the outdoor industry now and for future careers that will change the field,” says DU-Kanzler Jeremy Hafner. “We are grateful to the VF Foundation for this opportunity to work together in such a meaningful way.”

To ensure access for outdoor industry professionals, coursework will be taught online. Topics covered include: financial models, marketing, sustainability, ESG, legal issues related to land use and access, supply chain, public policy, data-driven decision-making and more. The program starts in 2023 with two 16-credit certificates of completion.

For more information about the LORI program, please click here.

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