Column by Cody W. Pattison: Finish of the end line and sporting songs | Native Sports activities


There were some notable figures in the Lawrence County Historical Society’s Sports Hall of Fame Sunday in the New Englander.

A trot down in Pittsburgh, same day, saw several other Lawrence County personalities competing in DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon.

The marathon was organized by P3R. The CEO of P3R is Laurel native Troy Schooley. To come full circle, former WPIAL Executive Director Amy Scheuneman now works for P3R.

The New Castle Police Department even showed up at the marathon to represent Lawrence County. Richard Ryhal ran the marathon and completed it in four hours, 29 minutes and 52 seconds.

Ryhal wears a shirt at every race in honor of Brian Cuscino, who died while training for the New Castle Police Department in 2018.

Alongside the Lawrence County numbers, Kaycee Orwig, the freelance photographer for New Castle News, completed the marathon. Orwig has been a freelancer for New Castle News since the WPIAL Basketball Championships in 2021.

I remember when I went to the WPIAL championships this year she was a saving grace in helping me not to get lost. After all, she was with Pitt and knew the facility like the back of her hand.

I say she visited Pitt because she graduated on the same day as the marathon in the afternoon.

Congratulations to our freelance photographer. There’s nothing quite like reaching two finish lines on the same day.

Sport songs

On Monday, as I walked to the Shenango High baseball field to interview Lawrence County Athlete of the Week Tyler Kamerer and cover the game against New Castle, I started listening to music.

“I have sunshine…on a cloudy day.”

It was “My Girl” by the Temptations and Shenango coach Larry Kelly tried to get the early contestants to sing along to the chorus. Then the pregame track listing abruptly switched from R&B to Notorious BIG

Speaking of music and athletes of the week, here’s the shameless plug portion of the column telling you to search New Castle News on Spotify to find our archived Athletes of the Week playlists for your listening pleasure.

I started thinking about all of the Lawrence County sports venues I’ve covered since working for New Castle News and decided to rank them based on what I’d heard. Just so I don’t overdo it, I’ll give you my top 5.

Shenango’s baseball pregame soundtrack ranks sixth on my honorable mentions because I couldn’t hear everything it had to offer.

5. Ellwood City Lincoln High

When the Wolverines host a basketball team, they usually have a large spectator and student section. What fits better than live music from the high school band.

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You can pull out the hits and change it up when it comes to student department themes for the night.

4. Union Baseball

I’ve only experienced the playlists and inter-innings songs once at the Union Diamond.

It sticks to the baseball theme and atmosphere with tracks like John Fogerty’s “Put Me in Coach.”

Then there were tracks that reminded me of the records I got from my parents of hits like Alabama’s “Cheap Seats.”

3. Shenango Basketball

The Shenango girls’ and boys’ basketball team has a solid selection of hits from the ’70s and some newer hits mixed into one.

I’d rate this one higher because I’m a fan of classics, but the Lady’ Cats, if I believe it, came out on Guns N Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle.”

I’m not the biggest Guns N Roses fan and you can’t change my mind.

2. Ne-Ca-Hi field house

When New Castle hosted PIAA playoff games, there was a common playlist associated with the media timeouts. It seemed like someone had linked their Spotify playlist to smash hits from the 70s.

They had Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” and I even heard Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”. A victory, victory in my books.

1. Neshannock Baseball Walk Up/Prelude

The Lancers have an impressive pregame track list. But what really strikes me is the eclectic taste in music you get when a Neshannock batter goes to home plate.

You’ll get a taste of everything from classic rock to “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” and even WWE’s Undertaker theme song.

I know it’s not the whole song for a walk, but just the samples make you remember all the hits from days gone by and then throw in some new ones.

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