Comanche Creek Greenway chosen as subsequent space of tenting enforcement – Chico Enterprise-Document


CHICO – Comanche Creek Greenway was chosen as the next site for Chico to enforce its anti-camping ordinances and to assess people for entry into pallet shelters on the out-of-community shelter.

Interim City Manager Paul Hahn said the city has completed its enforcement run through the Lindo Channel.

On Wednesday, the city sent its seven-day letter of intent to enforce the Comanche Creek Greenway to Northern California Legal Services, as required by the Warren-Chico settlement agreement.

As with Downtown Chico and the Lindo Channel Area, LSNC must respond within seven days to accept or reject the city’s proposal while housing is still available.

As of Tuesday, 62 beds were open in the Torres Community Shelter and 67 Pallet Shelters were available on the condominium.

In the meantime, Hahn said, the city has begun processing phone referrals to the Pallet Shelter. So far, it has mainly taken on respondents in prison areas.

“We actually tried to get our waitlist from people who called and put their names on a waitlist — we tried to get people interested in going to the shelter,” Hahn said.

Hahn didn’t comment on how many calls were received, but said management at the shelter has been working to reduce a large list of calls that came in as duplicate or redundant.

Jesica Giannola is the housing maintenance manager for CHAT and said she is having trouble reaching the Pallet shelter to refer one of her more vulnerable clients who is not in the area where referrals take place.

Giannola said she contacted a referral number provided by Pallet shelter staff and left more than eight messages in eight days with no success. Posting their frustration on Facebook prompted similar sentiments from other service providers.

“I’m trying to ask for help, but I’m getting nowhere. I didn’t realize that so many people, so many advocates, program people have the same problem,” Giannola said. “We’re all trying to help people we work with and we’re trying to get them into the Pallet Shelter and we’re not getting our response back.”

Hahn said the city is focused on compiling the waitlist from phone referrals and will continue to work on processing the calls over the next week.