Commissioners approve grant for Wisecarver recreation undertaking | Native Information


Greene County Commissioners recently approved a collaboration agreement between the county and the State Fish and Boating Commission for the construction of facilities in the Wisecarver Recreation Area.

Commissioner Mike Belding said the grant will reimburse 50% of the cost, or up to $ 85,845, to fund the completion of a boat launch as well as an investment in access improvements for the Wisecarver Reservoir Recreation project.

Commissioners have worked with other local and state officials and corporations to develop the 360-acre Wisecarver Recreation Area in Franklin Township, which will include an access road, parking lot, pedestrian walkways and rainwater management measures, among other related measures, on site improvements.

Located on Waterdam Road in Waynesburg, the Wisecarver Recreation Area project is a $ 2.5 million outdoor recreation area that features the reservoir, softball fields, a hiking trail, mountain bike trails, an outdoor activity area, and other recreational opportunities.

Belding said Monday that the boat launch will be a kayak and canoe launch under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The commissioners recently approved a proposal and contract between the county and Altered Gas Performance Events, LLC for three Flashlight drag races in 2021 at the county airport, tentatively scheduled for June 13, August 1, and August 12. September are scheduled until the attorney’s approval is received.

The street legal Flashlight Drags consists of a 1/8 mile race along the airport runway. The format is heads-up, ie both vehicles leave the start line at the same time. The name of the event refers to the early days of drag racing when a flashlight was used to signal the start.

Road-legal cars and trucks are eligible for the races and all drivers must have appropriate documentation, including a valid driver’s license, current state registration, and proof of insurance. Passengers are not allowed in the vehicles for the event. All racers must sign a waiver prior to the start of the event and attend a mandatory driver meeting.

Belding said the commissioners look forward to bringing back the popular event that debuted in Greene County in 2007.

“We had a tough time getting them on the calendar this summer due to timing conflicts with all other events across the county, but it’s great that the well-attended annual events are returning,” said Belding. “People can register to drive their road vehicles on the airport runway or just come and watch the races, get delicious food and enjoy some time outdoors this summer.”

For more information, contact the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323 or visit for updates and full driver rules.

The commissioners recently approved, through PennDOT, an agreement between Widmer Engineering and the county for a five-year bridge inspection contract for a total cost of $ 614,779.49. According to Belding, this is a “normal, recurring” contract, 80% of which will be reimbursed by PennDOT and 20% through liquid fuel funding.

The commissioners also approved the reimbursement agreement for the bridge inspection program.


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