Coronary heart of the Valley Outside Recreation Map

Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map

Take care out there: As you explore Benton County, we urge you to exercise caution out there. Make the most of your time here by understanding how to prepare, feed, and connect in Oregon. Prepare before your trip by doing your research to know current guidelines and local recommendations. Take care while you are here by respecting your surroundings to ensure a safe and fun experience for all. Connect with people and places and gain a sense of gratitude by learning the deeper stories. Learn more here.

Leave no trace: Please adhere to the seven principles of Leave No Trace; These principles include remembering to plan ahead and prepare, properly disposing of waste and respecting wildlife. Learn more here.

Respect private property: Many of our outdoor recreation areas are adjacent to private property. Assume property is private unless otherwise noted on a sign or map, and be sure to respect any signs warning of trespassing or hunting.

Share the way: Because our trails and recreation areas can be shared by multiple groups, it’s important to follow the same rules as everyone else to have a safe and enjoyable time. Be polite, know the rules of the trails you use, control dogs and horses, and be sure to share the trails with other users.