Covid instances climbing quickly throughout W.Va. | Well being


Active Covid cases are rising rapidly across the state, including spikes in each of the nine counties in The Register-Herald’s primary market.

The incline was particularly steep in Raleigh County, the region’s most populous region, where the count added 639 active cases over the past three days — a 128 percent increase.

Cumulatively across the region, active cases stood at 3,550 in the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) report Friday morning, up from 942 in the last 24 hours, a 36 percent jump from Thursday’s report.

Cases in Fayette County rose 87, or nearly 30 percent, while Greenbrier recorded 106 more active cases than two days earlier, a 44.4 percent increase.

Cases rose from 94 to 166 in McDowell County, 432 to 476 in Mercer, 102 to 128 in Monroe, 93 to 116 in Nicholas, 83 to 86 in Summers and 142 to 164 in Wyoming County.

In Tuesday’s report, the DHHR had counted 1,826 active cases across the region, about half the current number. On the same day, the DHHR had counted 500 cases in Raleigh County before adding 299, 193 and 148 active cases on consecutive days.

Statewide, 2,547 active cases were added to the DHHR tally, bringing the total to 17,364, a 17 percent increase. Also as of Friday, 5,061 new cases were reported across West Virginia.

As active cases continued to accelerate throughout the week, the positive test rate remained high. In Friday’s report, it was at 19.12 percent, for the 15th straight day at over 15 percent, for the fifth straight day at over 18 percent, and for the ninth day since the New Year at over 18 percent.

Covid hospital admissions fell by 12 from Thursday to Friday, while the number of patients in intensive care units fell by 10 to 206 and the number of patients on ventilator support fell by five to 130.

Including a 33-year-old woman from Monroe County, the DHHR said there were 13 more Covid deaths in Friday’s report, bringing the total to 5,516. DHHR confirmed the deaths of a 66-year-old Mineral County man, a 73-year-old Jefferson County man, an 83-year-old Jefferson County man, a 57-year-old Raleigh County man, a 33-year-old Monroe County woman, a 58-year-old female from Mason County, a 79-year-old female from Monongalia County, a 68-year-old male from Doddridge County, a 78-year-old male from Wood County, an 86-year-old female from Jefferson County, a 63-year-old male from Taylor County, an 88-year-old man from Jefferson County and an 83-year-old woman from Harrison County.


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