Davison’s Sneakers, Verco Sporting Items closes after 60 years of enterprise | KSNF/KODE


NEVADA, Missouri – After more than six decades in business, a Nevada store is about to close its doors.

It was a good trip for Davison’s Shoes, Verco Sporting Goods.

But after over 60 years, CEO Marvin Davison and his wife Betty have decided it is time to retire.

1958 returned “Davison’s Shoes, Verco Sporting Goods” in Nevada.

Founded by Marvin and Betty Davison when they were 19, the store originally only sold shoes.

After many years in service, they grew to 96 different locations in 8 states. While the products were expanded to include handbags, sports equipment and clothing.

But soon they will close their last shop.

“I feel really good about it. I think we’ve served the four states pretty well. We have people going 100 and 250 miles to come here and buy shoes, ”said Marvin Davison – Davison’s Shoes, CEO of Verco Sporting Goods

As the store grew, so did the number of employees.

Branch Manager Heather McDonald has worked for Marvin and Betty for the past seven years.

And says that she will keep the knowledge she has gained for the rest of her life.

“I’m just so grateful for the experience Marvin and Betty had and how practical they let me be. So that I can learn more about the business and how close I have got to many of our customers, ”said Heather McDonald – Davison’s Shoes, Verco Sporting Goods Manager.

While McDonald will miss the customers, she adds that she will also miss the family environment that the store offers.

“My son was very young when I started here, so he could come here after school, hang out in the shop and help us with things. He was sitting in the back room and playing with Legos, it was just nice to have such a familiar environment, ”said McDonald.

And for Marvin, it’s his customers that he will miss the most.

“I’m a people lover and I’ll miss seeing everyone,” said Davison.

Believe it or not, Marvin adds that after 64 years, he will also miss getting up to work every morning.

“Davison’s Shoes, Verco Sporting Goods” will officially close its doors in December.