Dayton Chamber Awarded $17,653 from Journey Nevada for Outside Recreation Brochure | Carson Metropolis Nevada Information


The Nevada Division of Tourism and Travel Nevada has notified the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce that it has awarded a Rural Marketing Grant of US $ 17,653.00 to distribute up to 20,000 outdoor leisure brochures and 10,000 Dayton and Mound House cards. This is the largest award the Dayton Chamber has ever received from Travel Nevada.

In 2020, the chamber received $ 3,500 and then an additional $ 14,150 in COVID-19 funds to print and distribute 30,000 cards of Dayton and Mound House. To date, a total of 18,000 cards have been distributed in California, Northern Nevada, and Lyon Counties.

In 2021, the chamber received $ 10,000 for printing and distributing 22,500 outdoor recreational brochures with an SUV map of the Pine Nuts and Flowery Range, as well as a listing of all neighborhood parks, RV parks, state parks, campsites, and nearby commercial accommodations. The brochure “Portal to the pine nuts and the gateway to Comstock” will be ready for dispatch in January 2022.

This 2022 award funds the additional distribution and printing of both the map and the brochure on outdoor leisure.

Brittnee Somers, VP of Events for the Chamber, said, “We are grateful for the support from Travel Nevada and the Nevada State Department of Tourism. For our rural marketing efforts, show why we love living here so much! Lyon County has plenty of dirt roads to explore. ”Somers, a local realtor, has been on the board for five years and also directs the two-day Dayton Valley Days festival.

Commented Larry Gongaware, owner and operator of Larry’s Gourmet Coffee House, “The Chamber is marketing and repositioning the Dayton Valley and the Portal to the Pine Nuts brochure signals that Dayton (and Lyon County) is a world-class outdoor recreational destination . We are thrilled to hear about this award. ” Larry’s Gourmet Coffee House is just 1.3 km from the entrance to Pine Nut Recreation Area and is a popular stop for OHV enthusiasts.

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