Delta Variant instances climbing due to mutation


(WSIL) – The CDC says the new Delta variant could be responsible for up to twenty percent of the COVID-19 cases reported in the past two weeks.

Keith Gagnon, associate professor at SIU, says the Delta Variant is unlikely to be harmful to the body once it’s there. It can cause a greater viral load in the body and has been shown to be much more transmissible. Because the degree of transmittability is higher, you are more likely to get it if you are not vaccinated.

“It’s easier to pass on. It can have some other properties as well, like it can potentially have a higher viral load, which means it can make more virus particles in a person. The good news is that it’s still easy to use. ” the vaccines, or most of the vaccines we know, so that’s a good sign. “

Gagnon says the good news is that vaccinated people still seem protected from the new variant. He says countries with low vaccination rates have better chances of developing more dangerous variants.

Gagnon says we will likely continue to see different variants both in the US and abroad, but due to the nature of the virus, they are unlikely to get any more harmful in terms of their effects on the body.