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The Klettersteiger Climbing Blog offers tips and tricks for outdoor adventures, helps readers discover new hiking, trekking and backpacking destinations, and features numerous reviews and how-to articles.

Munich – May 25, 2022 – Hiking is a great way to see the benefits of nature. The shelter of a huge pine tree is a luxurious refuge from the intense rays of the sun. Leaning against the rugged bark. Sometimes the fatigue of everyday life tries to keep people from going outdoors; but in the end the rewards of trekking on uncharted paths are too great. Hiking and climbing are one way for nature to provide some much-needed therapy.

“In today’s world of chaos and constant stimulation, it’s hard to quiet the mind and reflect. Getting into nature offers a way to find peace and clarity,” said the spokesman for DerKlettersteiger, “And hiking calms and clears the mind, it’s a great way to take advantage of nature.”

DerKlettersteiger is an exciting climbing, via ferrata blog and outdoor blog with numerous tips, ideas and advice on how to increase strength and endurance, what level of difficulty is the right one and of course the correct use of safety equipment. The platform offers blogs and articles to get tips and tricks for outdoor adventures, learn about new hiking, trekking and backpacking destinations, learn about hiking and backpacking trips to do individually or with a professional group, and fascinating historical, cultural and natural information to get elements about national parks and the remaining wild places of the world.

The articles in DerKlettersteiger focus on detailed information, tips, tour suggestions and useful information. There is an extra category for the via ferrata set – a lifesaver. So that readers not only find the right product for them, but also know how to put it on and secure it correctly: control & care, application, application, recommendation, integration and correct creation. Which one is suitable for children and the light and if you want to buy one, what you should pay attention to. Energy absorber, via ferrata brake, energy absorber, energy absorber or rope brake? Climbing brake with brake plate as a friction brake. And other interesting topics will be addressed and supplemented shortly.

Some hikers and climbers find it overwhelming choosing the right gear for their hikes, such as B. backpacks; which one is particularly suitable? helmets; What is to be considered? Buying a ferrata carabiner? Which ferrata goggles and gloves? Which is the best? The best via ferrata shoes. DerKlettersteiger provides readers with tests and reviews of tools and suggests what to take with you on a given trip.

In addition, DerKlettersteiger provides information about current hiking and climbing courses. Those interested in climbing can attend a climbing course depending on their previous knowledge; There are different types of courses according to one’s own experience. A taster course is ideal for people who have never climbed before. Such a course is ideal for trying out climbing and finding out if it suits you. Such a course usually lasts only a few hours. The course is relatively inexpensive and does not require immediate repair. The team of experts at DerKlettersteiger is on hand to answer any questions the reader may have.

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The climbing blog provides tips and tricks for outdoor adventures. Readers can find out about new hiking, trekking and backpacking destinations. The website offers numerous reviews and articles on safe mountain climbing and via ferrata, equipment and accessories.

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