Development begins on new outside campus recreation area – UHCL The Sign


The fields at the recreation and wellness center are currently being converted into a new outdoor recreation field. This new field will be a hundred meters long. Dean of Studies David Rachita said the new field is designed to give students the opportunity to play a variety of sports, including soccer, sand volleyball and flag soccer.

“There’s going to be a real clay volleyball court,” Rachita said.

The delta field also gets some work done.

“The field needs tending,” Rachita said. Building on the Delta field involves filling in some grass holes.

Students will utilize both the Delta Field and the Recreation Center’s recreation field by participating in club sports, intramural and other activities.

“We are very excited to add two soccer fields, a sand volleyball court and a barbecue area for the students,” said Mark Denney, vice president of administration and finance.

The volleyball court on the new leisure area will be provided with drainage underneath.

UHCL’s new outdoor recreation field under construction. Photo by The Signal reporter Tiffany Brenner.

The new field at the recreation center will provide many opportunities for students to play on-site sports such as volleyball, soccer and flag football. There are also beach workout and yoga classes at the sand volleyball court. Denney spoke about the possible installation of seating in the future.

“Long term, we want to build small grandstands that can seat a maximum of 50 people,” Denney said. “We also plan to build a shade structure to cover the grill.”

The total construction cost for the outdoor recreation field is $1.1 million.

“We’re using residual proceeds from old bonds,” Denney said. “If the bonds aren’t connected to the recreation center, we can’t use them.”

The new field next to the recreation center will also be used for events and celebrations for the local community.

Rachita anticipates the new recreation field will be very successful and hopes to add more upgrades in the years to come.

“The grass will go away in August and from there we just have to wait for it to kick in,” Rachita said. “We are excited about the addition to our leisure division and expect it to be very successful,” said Rachita.