DeVonta Smith and Dicks Sporting Items Crew Up with VRST


DeVonta Smith has a stacked résumé. At the age of just 22, he is two-time national champion, Heisman trophy winner and arguably one of the most sought-after draft picks in professional football. But Smith’s accomplishments don’t stop there. A native of Amite City, LA, is partner in the launch of a new line of men’s apparel, VRST (pronounced virst), available from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Smith trained in Tampa to overcome his hand injury and prepare to take his game to the next level. He sees himself as a versatile athlete, which is why he’s excited to work with a brand like VRST.

Image via publicist

“Style, quality and comfort are important to me, and it is clear that VRST is made for men who want to work at a high level and look good everywhere,” explains Smith. “I look forward to working with a brand that fits my lifestyle on and off the field.”

In addition to the convenience and quality of the brand, VRST was the perfect partner for Smith because it felt like home. “As a child, I was shopping at DICK’S Sporting Goods all the time,” he reveals. “I could never have imagined being a big name for her. I look forward to my partnership with VRST. “

Image via publicist

VRST is available at, Choose DICK’S Sporting Goods Stores and