Dick’s Sporting Items clearance outlet in Racine to shut by Jan. 16 | Native Information


The Dick’s Clearance Outlet in Racine (but on the edge of Mount Pleasant) in the Southland Center, 2710 S. Green Bay Road, is slated to close for good on January 16.



RACINE – The Dick’s Sporting Goods location at Southland Center, 2710 S. Green Bay Road, is slated to permanently close on January 16.

Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, Pick ‘n Save and Best Buy continue to occupy this area, along with a number of smaller establishments at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 31.

In the summer of 2019, the business switched from a sports store to a clothing store and no longer even sold the sporting goods that the company name implies. Since then only clothes and shoes have been sold.

Like many other brick and mortar retailers, Dick reported fighting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In June, Dick’s reported a first quarter loss of $ 143.4 million year over year, down 31%. This is despite a 210% increase in online sales.

Dick’s reported sustained online sales growth in the second and third quarters that coincided with a surge in stock price after the first year slump. Since the start of the year, Dick’s stock has actually risen in price: from $ 48.22 on January 2 to a low of under $ 17 in March, before rising to $ 55.59 by Christmas Eve.