Dick’s Sporting Items open secures three extra years | WIVT


BINGHAMTON, NY – With competition at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open starting in a few days, the Champions Tour event has secured its future for several more years.

Ed Stack, Executive Chairman of Dick’s Sporting Goods, was at En-Joie Golf Course today to announce a three-year extension of the retailer’s sponsorship for the Open.

The Dick’s Open is the local successor to the BC Open, which never won a corporate title sponsor.

As the tournament transitioned from the PGA Tour to the Champions Tour, it was crucial that Dick’s stepped in to give the event its name.

“The number of people who have said you know that this week I was taking my vacation for the Dicks Open or what the BC Open was originally for to be apart from, and I know it’s for the community really is important and it is important for us and us. “We can only extend this for at least another 3 years,” says Stack.

Dick’s Open members went on to say that charity is the backbone of every PGA tour.

$ 18 million has been raised for local charities over the past 50 years.

Since Dick’s sponsorship, over $ 12 million has been donated to Broome County charities.


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