Dick’s Sporting Items Opens New Experiential Retailer


Dick’s House of Sports’ new store is located in Rochester, New York and offers customers a hands-on shopping experience.

The news comes after an extremely positive quarter. In the period ended January 30, the brand had sales of $ 3.13 billion, far exceeding Wall Street’s expectations. These results have been massively increased by the shift to home training due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new offer of the House of Sports Store includes an outdoor area for sporting events, a climbing wall and indoor wellness areas. Customers can also seek advice from fitness experts who will assist with equipment selection and ensure customers get the most out of their workouts and products.

The goal of the new business is to create a fitness community that will entice customers to keep coming back. As online shopping shifts further, the brand wants to create an engaging atmosphere that cannot be replicated online. A second store is already in the works for Knoxville, Tennessee and is expected to open in May.