DICK’S Sporting Items provides Gamecock fan the time without work after South Carolina strikes spring sport


Michael Wayne Bratton | 1 minute ago

It’s not often that an SEC head coach helps a member of his fan base get the day off to attend a sporting event.

Shane Beamer is so committed to getting Gamecock fans to appear on Sunday for the Garnet & Black Spring Game 2021.

That story began on Thursday when South Carolina announced that the upcoming spring game would have to be postponed from Saturday to Sunday due to impending thunderstorms this weekend. As expected, the decision to postpone the game would mess up many fans’ schedules.

That was certainly the case for Justin Caudill, who managed to get fired from his job at DICK’S Sporting Goods this Saturday to take part in the game.

With the game being postponed to Sunday at the last minute, Caudill asked Beamer for help.

I asked for a Saturday off when my buddy @joshtgardner gave me a ticket for my birthday, but now I need someone to cover my Sunday shift at @DICKS. Hey @CoachSBeamer, can you drop me a note to get out of work for the spring game ?! Please and thank you. https://t.co/zaxSST4Ivn

– Justin Caudill @ (@JBlaineCaudill) April 22, 2021

It didn’t take long before Beamer answered the call:

Hey @ dicks…. @ JBlaineCaudill is excused from work on Sunday

We need him at Williams Brice Stadium to support @GamecockFB

Thank you 🤙 https://t.co/xr3gVV692J

– Shane Beamer (@CoachSBeamer) April 22, 2021

A day later, the official DICK’S Sporting Goods account announced that Justin now has Sunday off so he can take part in the Spring Game.

When @CoachSBeamer says jump, you say yes. @JBlaineCaudill, one of your teammates stepped forward to take your shift. Consider yourself excused thanks to @ joemoody83. Don’t forget to pay it up đź‘Š

– DICK’S Sporting Goods (@DICKS) April 23, 2021

When Beamer says he really wants Gamecock fans to show up for the Spring Game this weekend, it’s nice to know that he really means it. That’s exactly the kind of buzz South Carolina had hoped for when hiring Beamer.


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