DNR 2021-22 fishing, searching licenses on sale; recreation guides out there


INDIANAPOLIS (WTWO / WAWV) – Indiana fishing and hunting licenses are available immediately and are valid from April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources advises that those who acquire their fishing license or need to renew, this can also be bought online or through a local dealer.

Lifeguards, wanted as state parks, target Memorial Day to reopen pools and beaches

Anglers are invited to practice their fishing skills at a nearby fishing spot. The opening day of the trout season for inland streams is April 24th.

Instructions on Indiana’s outdoor recreation and fishing in Indiana are now available online. Free printed copies are available at local retail stores, state parks, lakes, state forests, and other DNR properties throughout the Hoosier state. The DNR’s Indiana Recreation Guide 2021 is the one stop shop for information on state parks, state forests, lakes, fish and wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife sanctuaries, state park inns, and other DNR properties.

Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area to build a new ADA accessible trail by Spring 2022

A new ownership rule will go into effect later this summer. All fish and wildlife sanctuary visitors are required to register and obtain a one-day permit card before entering the field, regardless of the activity. In order to meet this new requirement, DNR is asking visitors to register from Thursday. The one-day access permit must be kept ready and filled out during the visit to the respective FWA and returned to a self-service stand, a Dropbox or the office before departure.

DNR values ​​customers’ patience in taking the extra time to complete the permit. Feedback from these cards will help staff identify ways to improve Indiana FWAs for all users.

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