Do not Overlook These Tenting Requirements This Summer season

Don’t Forget These Camping Necessities This Summer

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it’s season My favorite season…

camping season.

One thing I started a few years ago was keeping a “camping trash can”. This is the rock solid plastic bin that can take a beating and holds all my camping gear.

My fiancé and I keep things that we only use when camping in this bin. We try to keep it in stock at all times, so if one of us says, “Would you like to go up north for the weekend?” we’re ready.

No need to run around the house looking for a can of bug spray and rope. Keep this container charged and ready at all times.

At the beginning of each summer we stock up and evaluate what we need more of.

This got us thinking, is everyone bringing glow sticks and a can opener? Over the years we have learned so much about camping from other people. Camping is a community where you can always get “better” or more comfortable as you experience more camping trips, environments and situations.

To this point I’ve learned to bring some things to camp that most don’t have. They probably bring some items I would never think of.

Below is a list of some essential camping items. I’ve tried to list a few unique ones rather than some of the more obvious ones.

To cover the basics and create your camping checklist, check out the most obvious choices, the runners-up, and all the essentials to bring when camping this summer.

The basics:

Cooler, beer/drinks, snacks, food for the night, bug spray, flashlight, sleeping bags.

Hand sanitizer, soap, tent, games to play (frisbee, cards, croquet), chairs, towels.

Less simple, very important:

If you cook alone: ​​can opener, oven mitts, grate for the fire.

Coffee maker and coffee grounds, knife, cutting board, cast iron pans, returnable bottle.

Fishing rod, tackle box, extra line, pocket knife, landing net.


Hammock (with straps), bike and helmet, citronella candles, bear spray, whistle, torch.

Pen and paper (see birds, animals etc.), binoculars, portable/solar charger, lanterns.

A clock. Yes, you can lose cellular service. Enjoy it.

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