Dometic Launches Go Assortment to Make Tenting Simpler Dometic Outside Launches ‘GO’ Assortment

Dometic Launches Go Collection to Make Camping Easier Dometic Outdoor Launches ‘GO’ Collection

As we feel the effects of the pandemic less and less, more and more people are using all the camping gear they bought while cooped up at home and longing for the wilderness and camping trips. While it’s undeniably peaceful to enjoy the fresh air, open fires and starry nights with friends, packing for the trip isn’t. Dometic, a company specializing in outdoor recreation, has launched its Go collection, designed to make packing, stacking and on-the-go faster and easier.

While the company says it errs on the outdoor-suitability side, the products haven’t always been easy to pack and unpack. They are often heavier than what you want in your backpack or what two people can carry. The new Go line is designed to be lightweight, durable and easier to pack. Dometic says the idea behind the collection is to reduce the time you spend packing and preparing for camping. Each item of the vehicle-based camp kit is designed to fit together and fit in the trunk of a mid-size SUV as well as on your back.

There is something for everybody. Soak up the sun, gather around the Go Camp table and relax in the Go Compact chairs while cooling off with something refreshing from the 35 liter cooler. Or as day turns into night, stay cozy while watching the stars with the Go Camp Blanket. You can even pack everything else you need to make the most of your trip in the Go Hard Storage 50L case without fear of damaging it on a bumpy fire road.

There are many more products to choose from, so check out Dometic’s Go collection to see what you like.