Don Walton: Climbing Kilimanjaro collectively within the nonpartisan Legislature | Regional Authorities


And a newcomer has the same independence and power distribution on their first day at the Capitol.

The story of four members of the Nebraska legislature who want to climb Kilimanjaro together in September attracts me in several ways.

Adventure. Challenge. Risk. Individual effort, achievement, and determination while at the same time being part of a team and taking care of each other.

Senator Fischer says she won’t run for governor in 2022

And see who they are: two Republicans, two Democrats; a Native American; an African American; a woman; two rural Nebraskans, two urban Nebraskans.

“We all get along,” says Senator Tom Brewer.

Hey George Norris, it worked.

There could hardly be a greater contrast with Washington today, hardly a better argument for banning the party from the picture, as George Washington wished.

Ahead of us lies a great and famous mountain in Africa, a rainforest, a desert, a glacier, a snow-capped peak more than three miles high, an adventure, a challenge and a test for four senators.

“Life is as rich as you let it be,” says Tom Brewer.


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