Double-A Affiliate of the Astros, Hooks to have regular season


While we don’t know when opening day for MLB will be, the Hooks will have theirs on April 8th.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Hook’s baseball will have a normal season. The organization’s GM said the MLB lockout had nothing to do with their minor league team.

“Our Coastal Bend fanbase is curious and so the big misnomer is that the Hooks season is tied or dependent on what happens at the major league level, and that’s actually not the case,” said Brady Ballard, the general Manager of the Corpus Christi hooks.

Ballard said there is a fine line between the major baseball league and the minor league.

“The minor league players are not part of what is happening at the major league level,” Ballard said, “they are not part of the Players Union, so with this split, the minor league season will continue as planned, in our case.” the hooks and double-A players will be here in Corpus”.

As planned, this Friday fireworks will light up the baseball stadium. It’s the memories that start at Whataburger Field and stay with the fans. Especially for Kaleb Womack, who watched the hooks play as a little boy.

“Just seeing their faces as they enjoy the Hooks game is the same feeling I used to have when I came with my grandparents. You feel right at home when you’re at Whataburger field, instead of going somewhere else to a bigger stadium. Minor league baseball is all about the fans,” Womack said.

While we don’t know when opening day for MLB will be, the Hooks will have theirs on April 8th.

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