Double Shot at Love season three episode three spoilers: A tenting journey


Next week we’re going camping at Double Shot at Love Season 3, Episode 3! What’s more romantic than camping? Technically a lot, but that’s probably why the show is heading in that direction.

If you can find chemistry with people in the great outdoors, can you find it almost anywhere? That might be part of Pauly’s goal here for Vinny and some of his suitors; This is an opportunity for Vinny to see who shines when they’re outside of their typical element. It’s an early test for some relationships, but let’s just say this is nowhere near the only test you’ll see in this episode.

For a sneak peek into all of that, check out the full synopsis of Double Shot at Love Season 3, Episode 3 below:

Pauly takes Vinny and all of the ladies out camping. After learning that Vinny has already kissed someone in the house, some ladies are determined to get the second kiss. Someone realizes that Vinny may not be for them.

Ultimately, we think these types of shows are better when the attendees try to go alone. Whenever someone does this (at least so early on the show) we tend to think that they’re there for something more than just fame. We get a bit more concerned when you see someone not opening up about their feelings or getting dressed for the sake of the show. While all of these Jersey Shore cast members may be ridiculous over-the-top characters most of the time, they are still people. It was some fun seeing Pauly in a relationship with Nikki and we hope Vinny can have something great at some point.

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