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Downtown alley in Minot sports activities ‘pocket-sized’ outside ice rink


MINOT, ND (KMOT) — Holiday cheer is in the air around the Magic City. For some, that means baking cookies; for others it is to find a tree. If you’re in downtown Minot, you might need to lace up your skates. Some residents have found pocket-sized winter fun at 110 East Central Avenue behind Prairie Sky Breads and Guilty Sweets.

The tiny ice rink in the heart of Minot gives residents and visitors a chance to practice new skills or try their hand at skating for the first time.

Skating outdoors is a treat for many.

“It’s fun to be outside,” said Emerson Holt, Minot.

“It’s colder, but it’s also a lot more fun to be outside than having to stay inside all the time,” said Maggie Ackerman, Minot.

“And it’s like a change of scenery,” said Harper Holt, Minot.

It’s the first year the alley has had an ice rink.

“We had a crokicurl rink down this alleyway. And that was a combination of a Canadian board game called Crokinole and curling. And it was fun and it was great and people seemed to really enjoy it. But it didn’t really catch on, just like we knew people would enjoy skating here. So we realized this was the winter for us to move forward with a real ice rink,” said Jessica Ackerman, co-owner of Aksal Group.

The rink was funded by Aksal Group and a 2022 Main Street Tourism Outdoor Recreation Grant. The aim was to improve winter activities in Minot.

“It gives people an added purpose to coming downtown and spending time, whether they’re local or just visiting,” added Jessica Ackerman.

The official opening date is Tuesday, December 6th.

Skaters bring their own skates for the time being.

The ice rink is illuminated with festive lights after dark. It stays open as long as the weather doesn’t get too warm.