Dubai sporting items large GMG to double workforce by 2025


Dubai: Dubai-based sports brand retailer GMG is restructuring into four divisions to advance in a multi-billion dollar category. The divisions will be divided into sports, food, health and consumer goods, with GMG aiming to double the workforce by 2025.

As the operator of Sun & Sand Sports Stores, GMG currently employs around 7,000 people in 12 countries. What follows is a busy 2020 when the company acquired Singapore-based sporting goods retailer RSH, which has a fairly strong presence in major South Asian markets. “The industries in which we operate are experiencing significant disruptions, whether from climate change, rapid digitization or other forces,” said Mohammad A. Baker, Vice Chairman and CEO of GMG.

“We recognize that communities and governments strive to achieve sustainable development goals, which are often anchored in personal wellbeing. It’s not just about the sustainability of our own company, but also about the communities we serve. “

The global wellness market – a subset of the broader “wellbeing” concept – has grown to $ 1.5 trillion, growing by 5-10 percent annually as consumers see wellness in various dimensions such as better health, fitness, Diet, Appearance, and More.

As one of the largest global retailers of the Nike brand, GMG ventured into Asia last year with the RSH buyout. Until then, his strengths were the markets of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf.