DVIDS – Information – Contemplate a winter go to to Pine View Recreation Space at Fort McCoy


Pine View Campground may have mostly closed as of Dec. 1, but there’s still work to be done throughout the Pine View Recreation Area, said Recreation Specialist Alex Karis of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Family and Morals, Welfare and Recreation.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, the Pine View Recreation Area includes hundreds of acres of publicly accessible land with miles of hiking trails, the La Crosse River which is home to multiple species of trout, Trout Falls on the La Crosse River, Suukjak Sep Lake and Suukjak Sep Creek, Pine View Campground, Whitetail Ridge Ski Area and Sportsman’s Range.

“Pine View Recreation Area offers year-round activities for four seasons, including camping, hiking, fishing and more,” said Karis. “In the winter, skiing becomes a fantastic activity in its own right, but we also want people to know that there are opportunities to enjoy some fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities all around the Pine View Recreation Area.

One activity includes participation in the early fishing season in Wisconsin’s inland waters for catching and releasing trout, which aspiring anglers can join along the La Crosse River at the Pine View Recreation Area near the campground. Anglers must have the required Fort McCoy fishing license and Wisconsin fishing license and trout stamp to fish on the property.

The trout catch and release season in the early inland waters runs from 5am on the first Saturday in January to midnight on the Friday before the first Saturday in May. In 2023, this would mean the season starts on January 6, 2023. Learn more about Fort McCoy fishing rules and requirements by visiting Fort McCoy’s iSportsman page at https://ftmccoy.isportsman.net.

“Suukjak Sep Lake also offers anglers a place to try their hand at ice fishing,” said Karis. “As long as there is enough ice, the lake is easily accessible from our cabins at the campsite, which can be rented all winter.”

The lake was formerly known as Squaw Lake. The new name, Suukjak Sep, means “black wolf” in the Ho Chunk language and was recently renamed. The lake is an artificial reservoir on the Suukjak Sep Creek, also recently renamed. The creek itself was named Squaw Creek sometime in the mid-1800s.

Each spring the lake is stocked with hundreds of rainbow trout and has a natural population of other fish species including bluegill and bass. Fort McCoy fishing rules also apply to Suukjak Sep Lake and all permits and licenses are required. For more information, visit Fort McCoy’s iSportsman website, https://ftmccoy.isportsman.net.

Another great outdoor recreation opportunity for the public to see and visit are the trails at Pine View Recreation Area, Karis said.

“If you want to see something incredibly beautiful in the winter, come to Trout Falls in the winter,” Karis said. “When we have some snow cover, you can rent snowshoes or cross-country skis at Whitetail Ridge and ski our many trails to the falls. Or if there is little or no snow, check out the falls anyway. You are a sight.”

Trails also follow along the La Crosse River above and below the falls on either side of the river and there are bridges that cross the river.

“If you’ve stayed at our campground before, you know how beautiful our trails are, and just as beautiful to hike in the winter,” Karis said. “And on the weekends, when you’re done being outside, you can go to Whitetail Ridge Chalet, warm up and maybe get something to eat.”

Even when winter begins, the fun doesn’t stop, Karis said. Learn more about the Pine View Recreation Area at https://mccoy.armymwr.com/categories/outdoor-recreation or call the Pine View Campground office at 6-8-388-3517.

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