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As a veteran, conversations with civilians can sometimes be difficult. Often civilians don’t understand the terminology, the military acronyms, or the mission-oriented nature of life in the armed forces. In contrast, having the same conversation with a veteran changes the whole dynamic. The conversation is more meaningful and beneficial to any veteran, mostly because each person understands it. They “understand” because they are in the other person’s boots and understand what they are going through.
Many veterans struggle with reintegration and reintegration into society, either when returning from a deployment, returning from a tour of duty, or simply retiring at the end of their military career. US Army Capt. Nathanael Cropsey, a Michigan National Guard chaplain, spends his free time as a volunteer addressing and addressing the unique challenges faced by veterans through Zero Day Supportive Services, a Michigan-based organization that provides counseling, assessment and support services to those , who served our country in uniform.
The ultimate goal is to bring veterans together in a unique way, as a complement to simply visiting a counseling office. Cropsey and Zero Day use outdoor and interactive group settings that encourage conversations with fellow veterans and Zero Day support personnel. Zero Day’s goal is to help veterans make decisions and take decisive action in family matters, make career decisions, or simply reintegrate into society.
“When you return from a deployment or leave service, it can often happen that the community you were involved with is very dispersed. The type of events we run gives the veteran an opportunity to rebuild that community and meet other veterans in the area,” Cropsey said.
Zero Day has many resources for veterans, including counseling for marital and family resilience, depression disorders, PTSD, career advice, and assistance to ensure veterans have the best chance of becoming “healthy” both physically and emotionally before dealing with the stress being confronted with and pressure to enter an academic or work environment. But as more members joined the organization, the immense appreciation for outdoor recreation became evident. In response, there is now a greater focus on less traditional methods of communication and counseling for veterans.

“Encouraging veterans and military families to engage in group-based outdoor recreation can lead to reduced anxiety and have a positive impact on their quality of life,” said Zaneta Adams, director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. “We hope that taking on these activities will result in greater social connection and a strengthened community, and ease veterans’ transition to civilian life.”

Leveraging Michigan’s natural resources, events such as hunting, fishing, archery, camping, bicycling, and firearms competitions are used to bring veterans together for community, growth, and healthy living. This offers veterans unique relationships, education, and recreational opportunities.

Throughout the process of meeting and working with Zero Day members, veterans receive personalized support services that can lead to personal success, dignity and purpose. “Relationships thrive, camaraderie is built and opportunities open up,” Cropsey said. “It’s about empowering veterans and helping them thrive in their reintegration and transition into civilian life.”

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