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FORT CARSON, Colorado – The Morale, Welfare and Recreation program is an affordable way for Soldiers to experience outdoor activities and meet new colleagues. MWR is an Army-wide program and offers numerous outdoor tours in Colorado that span all seasons.
Josh Scott, a 4th Infantry Division Veteran and Outdoor Recreation Assistant for MWR, serves as an outdoor activities mentor and shares his hobbies with Soldiers.
“I’ve been able to bring my joy and love for outdoor activities to working here (MWR) as a guide, and I also have the experience as a veteran so I know what it’s like to have been in the military. I know things like that are really good for soldiers and building unit cohesion,” Scott said.
Most US Army posts have outdoor recreational facilities that serve soldiers and train them in various activities. The goal is to train soldiers in outdoor skills to use for lifelong recreation.
“What’s unique about MWR is that we’re trying to provide these activities at a price that’s affordable for soldiers and much more competitive than alternative services,” Scott said.
On September 15, 2022, Scott was one of the assigned instructors for a rock climbing course alongside Fern Martinez, an outdoor recreation assistant at MWR. Available as a “Warrior Adventure Quest” program for train-sized elements, this course offers MWR the opportunity to indulge trains with a free outdoor recreation course once a year. Each Platoon is eligible for one Warrior Adventure Quest per year beginning October 1, 2022.
“Some of them were nervous and some of them had a little bit of climbing going on,” Martinez said. “It’s one of those things that you might see on TV or someone else, but it takes a mentor to teach you how to get into this sport.”
The course consisted of learning how to buckle up, how to act as a belayer and how to use the harness to climb rocks safely. It also serves as an introduction to rock climbing, but is designed for people of all skill levels. All safety equipment has been provided by MWR to ensure that every soldier taking the course is prepared and equally ready.
“Ever since I started working at Fort Carson, I have loved the soldiers. They’re just a great group. I love the camaraderie and the diversity,” Martinez said.
MWR is a useful program for Soldiers to build morale among themselves, learn new skills and be part of a local community. There are a variety of recreational opportunities in the state of Colorado that are scheduled differently each year to bring variety to the MWR. For more information on MWR and its services, visit https://carson.armymwr.com/.

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