eight Moms Positively Influencing the Outside


These eight females are showing the outdoor world what motivated moms who love to hunt and fish can do.

There’s a certain group of outdoor enthusiasts who deserve the spotlight, and we’re excited to give it to them. They are the women who have made their mark and made their mark with their work while also raising children of their own.

Being a mom isn’t easy, but these ladies get it right and don’t let it stop them from participating in the outdoor activities we all know and love.

If you need some inspiration, look no further than this list of able, strong, and powerful women.

Lakeisha Woodard – HALO Hunt

Lakeisha Woodward is one half of the HALO Hunting duo, a Mississippi couple who promote hunting ethics, safety and family values. HALO is an acronym for Henry and Lakeisha Outdoors. Together they raise their four children to appreciate the same things about nature and our responsibility in it. Lakeisha has a bachelor’s degree in integrated marketing communications and is a field contributor for the Hunt Fish Journal with her husband.

Raven Finegan

Raven Finegan, avid hunter and marksman, is an Instagram influencer and mother of one daughter. She shares her outdoor fun with more than 14,000 loyal followers on her Instagram account. Finegan also serves as an ambassador for Turning Point USA.

Phyllis Rowe – Women of Nature

Phyllis Rowe is the Founder and Chair of Women of the Outdoors, an organization created to empower women and youth through education, motivation and active participation in outdoor activities. A Massachusetts resident, Rowe spent most of her childhood away from camping, fishing, and gardening—activities she still enjoys today. Beginning her hunting journey in 2017, she soon realized that women needed a safe place to post their outdoor adventures and connect with other women who shared their passion. Women of the Outdoors started out as a Facebook group that inspired many to experience their own adventures without judgment, sharing and asking questions in a fun environment. Women of the Outdoors then grew into a non-profit organization that helps women succeed in the great outdoors. Rowe strives to educate women and youth about the importance of conservation and preservation as well as safety preparation for outdoor recreation.

Jess Rice – WildHERness

Jessica Rice is the Founder and President of WildHERness, a Kansas-based organization that encourages women and girls to explore nature through skill-building events and community service. She is an NRA Safety Range Officer, Hunter Education Instructor, National Archery in the Schools Basic Archery Instructor, and Fishing’s Future Master Angler Instructor. Rice is also a contributing writer for Women’s Outdoor News.

Linda White

Linda White, mother of five, is a two-time business owner, fur trapper and public figure in the trapping world. She co-owns the tackle and apparel company Trapping Girl, Inc. with Trevor Barnes of Barnes Hide and Fur and Sawmill Creek Bait and Lure with her husband, avid trapper Michael White. She writes a column entitled “The She Side” in American Trapper, the official publication of the National Trapper’s Association. Additionally, White coordinates the “Kids for Catches” initiative, which combines catch events for kids with free supplies so curious teens can take home products to start their own lines at home.

Deb Farne

Deb Ferns is a queen in the shooting and hunting industry. She has carved her way into the male-dominated sphere to create a place that empowers women by teaching them the skills to handle firearms and game safely. She is the powerhouse behind three companies – Babes with Bullets, LACE (Ladies Adventure Camp Experience) and WOMA (Women’s Outdoor Media Association). She is also a mother who first took up shooting after her daughters grew up and moved away from home. Now her mission is to help other women connect, build their skills and have fun hunting.

Lindsay Agnes

Licensed fly fishing guide Lindsay Agness is passionate about giving back, especially to veterans and women. She spends a large part of her free time every year on a voluntary basis, mostly teaching fly fishing at workshops and events. She is involved with OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc. (Outdoor Adventures for Sacrifice in Service), a nonprofit organization that provides instruction, equipment and assistance in a variety of sports and activities to disabled military veterans, and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. a program dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing. She is also involved as an instructor for Casting for Recovery, a program that provides outdoor healing retreats for women living with breast cancer. Agness served as the Women & Diversity program with Trout Unlimited. She is also a devoted mother and grandmother who enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

Dena Vic

Dena Vick is CEO of King Eider Communications, named after the ornate King Eider Duck, which works with top brands in the fishing and outdoor industries to craft the brands’ messaging and manage communications efforts. Through King Eider Communications, Vick mentores aspiring PR professionals and connects them to an industry that can be notoriously difficult to break into.


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