Ever wished to see all issues recreation in York County? There is a map for that.


Ever wanted to see a map of all of York County’s business and leisure activities?

With a partnership between the Cultural Alliance of York County and the York County Economic Alliance, that’s now a reality.

An interactive map showing the county’s arts, culture and recreation facilities is now available online. Although this map is only a first draft, it aims to bring new awareness and economic growth to businesses.

People interested in viewing the map can see it here: https://chrisworley.kumu.io/york-county-cultural-and-outdoor-asset-map?token=xlq21galxYLWn9pj.

Through a nationwide survey distributed early in the spring, employees began sharing and compiling information about each company’s activities, location, target audience, and funding sources.

“Having a visual map of the wealth of cultural and outdoor businesses and organizations that contribute to our York economy is the first step in better understanding what type of resources we need to fully support this sector” said Kelley Gibson, president of the York County Culture Department Alliance.

Upon viewing the map, individuals are presented with an interactive screen where they can mouse over various icons representing businesses, schools, libraries, organizations and non-profit organizations.

A blue circle represents outdoor recreation, while a gray circle represents outdoor recreation not yet recorded. Likewise, a blue triangle stands for a cultural organization and a gray triangle for the cultural organizations that were also not surveyed.

Different colored lines also connect each entity through different relationships – even if they are employees, funders, consultants, members, customers or have an advertising relationship.

The organizers of the survey wanted to emphasize the interconnectivity and partnership between each other – which is made clear by this spiderweb map approach.

For example, if one were to scroll to the York Symphony Orchestra, the map would show a clear route to other organizations that have a relationship, including the Hanover String Quartet and the Cultural Alliance of York County – listed on this map as “collaborators” with the Orchestra.

Individuals can hover over a specific organization to better see how it is connected to other York County businesses.  Photo by Tina Locurto.

Although the map may appear dauntingly large at first glance, viewers are encouraged to zoom in, click around, and explore.

Additionally, individuals have the option to filter their cards to only show outdoor or cultural organizations.

Map organizers are looking for new companies that would like to contribute and encourage these organizations to complete the ecosystem map survey here: http://s.alchemer.com/s3/03e06e74282f.

“York County’s creative and outdoor economies are already making significant contributions to employment, GDP, talent and business growth,” said Kevin Schreiber, president and CEO of the York County Economic Alliance. “This visualization and our findings should support continued growth of both sectors by leveraging expanded investments in arts, culture and outdoors.”—

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