Excalibur, Stefano Ghisolfi’s futuristic challenge at Arco, Italy


Stefano Ghisolfi analyses the holds on Excalibur, the futuristic climb at Drena close to Arco, Italy.

Those who follow Stefano Ghisolfi’s or Adam Ondra’s social media channels know that the two have started trying Excalibur, a futuristic new project at Drena, not far from Arco. It’s a fierce, short and steep sheet of limestone with minuscule holds. In this latest episode of his Climbing Diaries Ghisolfi discusses details of the route, while bolters Cristian Dorigatti and Morris Fontanari explain how they found the line and how it got its name.

Stefano Ghisolfi 9b or harder
11/2015 – Lapsus 9b, Andonno, Italy, first ascent
01/2017 – First Round, First Minute 9b, Margalef, Spain
11/2017 – One Slap 9b, Laghel, Arco
01/2018 – La Capella,9b, Siurana
12/2018 – Perfecto Mundo 9b+, Margalef, Spain
12/2019 – Stoking the Fire 9b, Santa Linya, Spain, first repeat
09/2020 – Change 9b+, Flatanger, Norway, first repeat
01/2021 – Erebor 9b/+, Eremo di San Paolo, Arco, first ascent
08/2021 – Bibliographie 9c, Céüse, first repeat
12/2021 – The Lonely Mountain 9b, Eremo di San Paolo, Arco, first ascent
02/2022 – L’Arenauta 9b, Sperlonga, Italy, first ascent

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