Experiential Retailer Camp Hooks Up With Disney


The Disney’s Mickey and Friends: An Extra Large Adventure Ticket.

Courtesy of camp

Immersive, experience-based retailer Camp has partnered with the ultimate in animation brands and characters, none other than Disney and Mickey Mouse, the latter of which Camp’s co-founder and CEO Ben Kaufman has dubbed “the most iconic character in the world”.

“We do custom animation with the Disney folks,” Kaufman said. “‘Garssh, I think my friends could play hide and seek without us,'” Goofy says in the Sizzle video.

“Every time we launch a topic, we think it’s for the best,” Kaufman said. “The beauty of what we’re doing with Disney is that we’re working concurrently on several other themes that will be launching later this year. You will be pretty amazing too.

“This is just the beginning of a multi-year partnership with [Disney,] and there are several stories that we will bring to life. We’ll be moving from store to store while other camp stores have the experience,” Kaufman added. “We have eight branches and will open our ninth in a few weeks.”

From a national marketing perspective, Camp is definitely counting on Disney fans coming to New York from across the US. “Everyone will have the experience in their market,” Kaufman said, noting that the company will open two stores this year in Los Angeles and Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ

“We never know what the average basket will be until we open the attraction,” Kaufman said. “This is a ticketed experience and tickets range from $20 to $40. Disney will have an exclusive presale window for all of its clubs, including d23 and Disney Cruise Lines.

“[Disney] will be promoting it on all of its social media channels and in various communities that count among the most rabid fans. “It’s been a three-year process to this point, and we’re excited to finally be able to show the world what ‘Mickey’s Extra Big Adventure’ is like,” said Kaufman.

The adventure unfolds as guests push the magic door to enter the camp’s main cabin. “Customers are presented with an experience,” Kaufman said. “That’s what customers expect from Camp. We didn’t want to lose the camp vibe with the Mickey partnership. We really wanted it to feel like a coming together of the two brands.

“In the camp cabin, the curtains are closed and you can hear the characters’ Pitter Pater behind the curtain,” Kaufman said. “It all comes down to you seeing Goofy and his friends and he’s so excited. He says he wants to take a picture of you and takes what looks like a camera, but it’s not a camera, it’s a shrink ray gun.”

Goofy takes a picture of you and the audience and you shrink and he shrinks and you try to shrink again but you can’t and as you exit the booth you realize that everything is larger than life: birthday presents, music and food. How about climbing a giant mountain of gifts? Camp Disney has that. Walking into the dining room and playing with giant hot dogs and hiking up and down popcorn mountains? check check

“The characters will stay with you throughout the experience and together guide you on this mission,” Kaufman said. “There’s a music room, with huge speakers and a disco ball, etc. Finally you see the shrink tubing, which is as big as the room because it shrunk with you. Basically, there are microchips throughout the experience. They put the Shrinkray back together and are in the Shirinkray. You flip the switch from shrinking to non-shrinking and you’re in a projection room where you’re finally full-size.

“Then you’re ushered out into what looks like a regular camp store, but what’s different about this facility is that all the things you just walked through are in that room at a 1:1 scale, so You see the popcorn climbed up, that’s where our small appliances will be, you see the presents, there will be toys and presents there,” Kaufman said. “You will see the food, supplies and clothes, there was the huge curtain so you can replay all the moments in the camp that were part of that experience.”