Extra DORA? Troy outside consuming space might increase hours, areas


Other proposals include expanding the DORA boundary map from 20.24 acres, which includes downtown, to 193.44 acres. This expansion would include a permanent district expansion of 11.56 acres. plus 161.64 acres of temporary boundary expansion for sanctioned events.

The proposal includes provisions that the Council may change DORA days, hours and/or limits at any time. Council would also have the ability to enable temporary DORA areas for requested events and temporarily suspend DORA operations to allow special events to be approved within DORA limits.

The proposal to change the DORA, first used in 2022, was put together by Titterington with Andrea Keller of the Troy Main Street Downtown program. The proposal was endorsed by the Main Street board of directors in December. Keller outlined the support in a Dec. 29 letter to the city council, saying the board made its recommendation after discussions and surveys with downtown businesses.

“We believe the proposed changes would make the DORA an even more effective tool for traders in downtown Troy,” Keller wrote. “We also believe these changes would make it easier for Troy citizens and visitors to understand the rules of DORA.”

“We told the Council that after this (first) year we would assess and present a report with recommendations,” Titterington said.

Areas included in the temporarily expanded DORA area include Treasure Island Park and Community Park, as well as other areas near and along the Great Miami River. Expansion of DORA into these temporary areas would require the approval of the council and, where appropriate, the Miami Conservancy District, the Troy Park Board, and the Troy Recreation Board.

The existing DORA was approved by the city council in March 2021 on a second submission from the city administration. A group of residents collected enough signatures to hold a referendum on the council vote at the November 2021 vote. The council’s decision was confirmed by voters, and the city of DORA began operations in 2022.

According to the proposal, the district now has 13 qualified permit holders for the sale of alcohol in the DORA and two pending permits.

The DORA was very successful and well received, and those who attended were well-behaved and grateful that it was available, Titterington said.

“Adding the flexibility of additional areas that the council can turn on and off based on events or other factors is an important change that we believe will really improve the welcoming environment in our downtown area,” he said.

In a note to the council, Titterington said a council committee would be asked to consider the DORA amendment at a January 9 meeting. No further information about this session was provided.

The DORA proposal was posted on the city’s website at www.troyohio.gov.

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