Extra monsoonal rains to hit Colorado, prone to influence outside recreation by way of weekend


It’s been a wet few weeks across the state of Colorado, and that trend is set to continue, according to the National Weather Service.

Extensive monsoon rains and thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday, with an even higher chance of severe weather on Thursday and Friday.

The risk of flash flooding will increase in the burn scars on Thursday. #cowx pic.twitter.com/I4TDLsgBfJ

— NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) July 27, 2022

The increased risk of flash floods will remain in place throughout the weekend, having peaked on Thursday and Friday. It’s also worth noting that a flood watch was activated in the state’s southwestern region through at least Wednesday evening.

Excessive rainfall will hit already saturated soil, which will be particularly problematic in burn scar areas.

Risks of flooding and lightning will threaten outdoor recreation across much of the state in the coming days. Plan ahead for wet conditions and be very alert to possible thunderstorms passing through, particularly in exposed ridge areas.

For the most up-to-date flood risk information, visit both the Colorado Flood Threat website and the National Weather Service website.

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