Extra rural recreation is required


Much has been said about the needs of Colleton County. Most often, these discussions take place in our planning committees and by our elected leaders in Colleton County Council and Walterboro City Council.

Some of the most pressing needs include housing and water improvements. Yes, these are important. We also ask our leaders to pay attention to another need discussed – improvements in recreation.

Colleton County is known for its recreation. Outdoor recreational sports and environmental recreation, such as canoeing, kayaking and fishing, are an important part of life in the Lowcountry. As we discuss planned future growth and development in Colleton, we need to include more of the resort complexes in rural Colleton County. Our premier recreation center in Walterboro is a jewel in Colleton’s crown. Still, we need more recreation complexes like this in our rural parts of the county: Smaller complexes like this one, which include a baseball field with bleachers, playground equipment, and a basketball court, should be factored into recreation planning and strategically placed around the lodge and green pond. County funding is typically streamed to Cottageville for their park improvements, and more of that should continue as well.

Our environmental recreation, like fishing, should also be preserved. We as a district generally do a good job of maintaining our boat docks. However, in future planning efforts, we feel that some of our boat docks should be expanded to include more public fishing piers.

As we grow, we want to maintain our way of life. We can do this by focusing on the parts of our culture that are important to us and planning to improve them through future means and in future development strategies.