Faculty soccer rankings: AP ballot forward of Week 11 has TEAM climbing, TEAM falling


The latest AP poll is here and we have some interesting moves in the top 25 this week.

Texas A&M and Auburn were the only two teams to face any other ranked team this week as the Aggies moved up to 11th in victory while the Tigers dropped four places to 16th. Cincinnati, Oregon, and Ohio State all weathered tight games, entering 2nd, 5th, and 6th this week. Oregon and Ohio State are also up one notch from last week’s poll.

Oklahoma had her bye and stayed in fourth. Notre Dame, Michigan, and Oklahoma State all took their wins to be number 7, 9, and 10 in San Diego State. Pittsburgh returned to the Victory Column and moved up to 25th place, still pretty low for a team that could end up as ACC champions.

With so much excitement as we’ve seen, there have also been many falls. Purdue defeated Michigan State, dropping the Spartans from 5th to 8th. North Carolina defeated Wake Forest in a strange no-conference game, and the Demon Deacons dropped from 10th to 13th. Baylor lost a Big 12 game against TCU and the Bears fell to 18th. Mississippi State will hold open tryouts for a kicker after losing to Arkansas and falling out of the poll.

Kentucky, Minnesota and the state of Fresno also lost this week to avoid falling into the top 25.

Here is the full AP survey for Week 11 of College Football 2021:

AP poll week 11

Precedence team Last week Points (1.)
Precedence team Last week Points (1.)
1 Georgia (9-0) 1 1,575 (63)
2 Cincinnati (9-0) 2 1,440
3rd Alabama (8-1) 3rd 1,436
4th Oklahoma (9-0) 4th 1,406
5 Oregon (8-1) 7th 1,319
6th Ohio State (8-1) 6th 1,293
7th Notre Dame (8-1) 8th 1,139
8th State of Michigan (8-1) 5 1,096
9 Michigan (8-1) 9 1,072
10 State of Oklahoma (8-1) 11 1,038
11 Texas A&M (7-2) 13th 1.006
12th Old Miss (7-2) fifteen 837
13th Wachwald (8-1) 10 763
14th Brigham Young (8-2) 17th 636
fifteen UTSA (9-0) 16 606
16 Maroon (6-3) 12th 478
17th Houston (8-1) 20th 467
18th Baylor (7-2) 14th 464
19th Iowa (7-2) 19th 437
20th Wisconsin (6-3) NO 286
21 State of North Carolina (7-2) 268
22nd Coast Carolina (8-1) 21 264
23 Penn State (6-3) 22nd 245
24 Louisiana Lafayette (8-1) 24 208
25th Pittsburgh (7-2) NO 194


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