Fairly Lethal Goals To Elevate NXT’s Tag Division And Preserve Climbing

Pretty Deadly Aims To Elevate NXT’s Tag Division And Keep Climbing

Photo credit: WWE NXT

Pretty deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince) see themselves as “elevators” as they aim to raise WWE’s tag team division beginning with NXT 2.0.

Wilson and Prince are the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions; They won the gold on their first night after the mark after having a successful run on NXT 2.0. Undefeated in their two matches as champions, the duo will defend the gold against the Creed Brothers at NXT In Your House.

In an interview with Metro.co.uk’s Alistair McGeorge, Pretty Deadly shared some of their names, such as the “Elevators” and the “Grum-Tum-Tuggers”.

“We’re the elevators and the main eventers – we have many names,” Prince said. “We’re also the Killer Queens, we’re also the Brothers in Garms, we’re also the Grum-Tum-Tuggers, the Dandy Highwaymen. We have a few.”

Jokes aside, Prince made it clear that they want to strengthen the NXT brand as they know they’re bringing something new to the table. In that sense, they have the same goal for the main list.

“Our goal is definitely to just try to elevate the NXT brand,” said Prince. “Your tag division has been on fire for the past year, but we know we’re bringing something completely different. Whenever there are differences in wrestling, is there fun, shall we say?

“Then of course we’re going to move on, upgrading Raw, and then we’re going to move on and upgrading SmackDown. And then we go and raise WrestleMania!”

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