Fanak Baarmand of Florida Explores Should-Attempt Out of doors Leisure Actions


Fanak Baarmand from Florida is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trying out various outdoor activities in his home state. In the following article, Fanak Baarmand discusses the different outdoor activities you can try when visiting Florida no matter the time of year.

The Sunshine State remains one of the top vacation destinations, attracting millions of tourists each year. From the mesmerizing landscapes to the stunning beaches, it’s easy to see why.

According to Florida’s Fanak Baarmand, outdoor recreation in Florida goes beyond Disney and its beaches. Here is a list of must-try activities for tourists.

Get to know the wildlife of Florida

Florida had over 30 million tourist visits between October and December 2021. Those numbers are higher than before the pandemic—the number of travelers the Sunshine State is receiving is huge.

One reason it’s popular with travelers is the wildlife, explains Florida-based Fanak Baarmand. Biodiversity in this state is amazing, and there are many charismatic species of mammals, reptiles, and birds that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.


Fanak Baarmand, from Florida, says tourists should consider scheduling a dolphin tour to see these majestic creatures up close. Depending on the agency, individuals will enjoy seeing dolphins in their natural habitat or in controlled environments.

Fanak Baarmand from Florida says these are the most popular cities when it comes to seeing dolphins:

  • The Florida Keys (Key Largo, Islamorada and Key West)
  • Sanibel Island
  • Fort Myers Beach
  • Naples
  • Clear water
  • Sarasota
  • manatees

Manatees migrate to warm-water refuges when the water temperature falls below 22°C. They’re usually seen from November to March, says Florida resident Fanak Baarmand.

The opportunity to see or swim with manatees is unique to the state. Visitors can swim with them or watch them kayak. These gentle manatees love to graze in Florida waters, including Crystal River’s Three Sister Springs or Fort Myers’ Lee County Manatee Park.

Both places offer unique experiences, explains Fanak Baarmand from Florida. At the Crystal River, visitors can kayak or swim in the river, where they are likely to encounter manatees. In Lee County, visitors can observe these animals from a dock while the manatees huddle in the water. It really is a view worth experiencing.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Florida without bird watching. The Sunshine State is known for having many species of birds, some of which are unique to Florida – the Florida scrub jay, Everglade snail kit and white-crowned pigeon to name a few.

This casual activity is enjoyed by millions of individuals and families year-round. Bird watching is relatively low impact yet still offers excitement and adventure, making it an excellent choice for young children and the elderly.

Movement in the great outdoors

Florida’s Fanak Baarmand says tourists who come in the cooler months are the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. This offers an opportunity to see why residents love living here.


Florida has many great places to hike. The terrain is not too steep as it is not mountainous making it accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities.

As well as traditional walks through the woods, there are also some excellent beach walks. This is a nice way to change the scenery for someone who hikes often.

water sports

Other popular activities in Florida include water sports. These include jet skiing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling and more.

These activities are accessible to different ages, physical abilities and abilities. Coastal cities like the Florida Keys or those in Southwest Florida offer various opportunities for equipment rental and water sports.

There are also plenty of surfing opportunities in some areas of Florida, particularly on the Atlantic coast.

Diving and snorkeling

For a truly unique Florida experience, be sure to check out the scuba diving opportunities. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary offers the opportunity to see a shipwreck during their dive tours. It’s an excellent opportunity not only to see some unique underwater animals, but also to see a piece of history.

For those who don’t enjoy diving or have conditions that prevent them from doing so, there are plenty of snorkeling options instead. Snorkeling is a great way to explore some beautiful coral reefs down at Key West.

Explore the Everglades

Fanak Baarmand from Florida says there are several reasons why the Everglades are so special. These grassy bodies of water cover over 1.5 million hectares and are visited by people from all over the world.

While many refer to it as a swamp, it is actually a huge, slow-moving river. Tourists visiting the Everglades will experience diverse ecosystems, animals, invasive species, and more.

Start planning your Florida vacation

Florida offers tourists, residents and travelers alike unique opportunities to connect with nature. When planning a trip, it’s important to decide what to do in advance, as it can be difficult to decide between all the great options.

Start planning your visit today and don’t miss out on these must-have activities.